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Real Estate
of North Georgia


Hi! It's great to see you here,

As you probably already know, the real estate market changes often. 


But, just as the seasons change, and the stock market fluctuates, so does the real estate market.   We just have to adjust our expectations and strategies for buying and selling in a new environment.

If you're wondering about the best approach to reach your goals in the current market, check out the latest information on my Facebook page, "4 Steps to Your Dream Home". You can find it by clicking .

You can also text your email address to 678-296-8696 to start receiving my newsletter, which is packed with current and fresh material.  I will tell you the truth about what's happening, and offer tips for how to make the most of your options.  See you there! - Sherry




Seller Services We Offer

BASIC, "Typical Realtor" Services including:

Full Listing on North GA MLS syndicated across Internet (e.g. Zillow,,, etc.)

90 Day Listing Period
SUPRA Lockbox that records every property entry

Yard Sign
Broker Hires Pro Staging Consultant

Broker Hires Pro Photographer

Broker Assisted Offer Negotiations

Broker Assisted Closing Coordination

Vacant Home Monitoring and Reporting

Broker Paid Multimedia Marketing Designed to Target Buyers Most Interested in Your Property,
Maximizing Demand & Sale Price
Owner Provides
60 Day Listing Period
Contractor coded lockbox that does not track entries

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